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bpo is ISO9001:2015 certified



The starting point of an indoor air quality assessment is to first study if an area or a room has an air pollution problem. Monitoring helps in assessing the level of pollution in relation to the ambient air quality standards. Standards are a regulatory measure to set the target for pollution reduction and achieve clean air. Robust and contiguous monitoring helps to guard against  events by alerting people (employees) and initiate action. We are able to monitor several pollutants and can give advice how to improve the air quality.


We can help you and your organization with improving the level of safety and to comply with laws and regulations.

Think about

  • Safety Policy and Safety Plans

  • Risk Assessments

  • Fire Safety

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • Safe Working Procedures

  • Trainings like

    • Basic Safety​

    • Safety for Supervisors

    • Confined Spaces

    • Forklift and Equipment

    • Emergency Response......


We can help you to make your organization more efficient and more productive and to implement the Lean Management principles.

Think about

  • Describing Processes

  • Implement management systems

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Workflow improvement

  • Work Place Design (5S)

  • Total Productive Maintenance

  • Training and Workshops


We can help you and your organization  to set up plans to contribute to a better environment.

Think about

  • Cleaner air

  • Preventing spills

  • Renewable and saving energy

  • Electric Vehicles (EV)

  • Solar EV charging

  • Waste to energy solutions

  • Certified energy saving coatings

  • Training and Workshops


We are able to design and launch a full end-to-end app in just a few days. The development platforms we use are perfect for any organization that is looking to improve information management and resource distribution. To get field information into the BackOffice becomes much more easy and reduces throughput time drastically.

We  help you to describe your process and translate it to a digital workflow so you can start working paperless on any mobile device.

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Safer: risks regarding assets, employees, visitors, and other stakeholders (clients) have been controlled

Leaner: processes are optimized and are controlled, so that resources are not wasted

Greener: innovative entrepreneurship regarding sustainable business practices

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