Continuity is important for each organization; without continuity, an organization does not have a future. bpo aims at continuity issues and the productivity of organizations.

We do so based on our mission: Safer, Leaner, Greener. For the purpose of giving substance to our mission, bpo uses a model it has developed itself, the bpo house.



The bpo house

Running a business is seeking for a balance between business practices, taking deliberate risks, and efficiently and effectively implementing the primary process and the different supporting processes. In other words, insight and control over the organization now and in the future, in which safety, sustainability and process optimization will become even more important.


The bpo house provides a growth model. The ultimate goal is controlling the organization with regard to all elements in the house individually and with regard to the correlation between the elements. As a consequence, everyone in and outside the organization knows what the organization stands for. Because of this clarity, everyone also knows how the organization handles certain situations; an excellent feeling! However, an organization does not reach this level automatically. For this purpose, the organization has to make conscious choices and has to know where improvement is possible. bpo can and likes to support the organization in doing so.


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Improving your organisation


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