Process & Lean Management

Process Management to describe and improve the working procedures (business processes) that lead to higher quality and safety, more efficiency, and work satisfaction. In general, we use the Lean Management principles for this purpose. Benefit form: Focus, Improving Productivity & Efficiency, Smarter Processes, Better use of Recourses.

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You have probably heard of the Lean management concept and its growing popularity in the business world. There is no surprise that Lean management is now widespread across industries. Thanks to its core values and positive impact on companies’ overall performance, the Lean concept appears to be a universal management tool.

You can apply the concept of Lean in any business or production process, from manufacturing to marketing and software development.


The Lean methodology relies on 3 very simple ideas:

  • deliver value from your customer’s perspective
  • eliminate waste (things that don’t bring value to the end product)
  • continuous improvement

There are a few major advantages that managers can benefit from;

  • Focus. By applying Lean, you will be able to reduce waste activities. Therefore, your workforce will be focused on activities that bring value.
  • Improving productivity & efficiency. When employees are focused on delivering value, they will be more productive and efficient, because they won’t be distracted by unclear tasks.
  • Smarter process (pull system). By establishing a pull system, you will able to deliver work only if there is actual demand. Which leads to the next one.
  • Better use of resources.When your production is based on actual demand, you will be able to use only as many resources as needed.

As a result, your company (team) will be much more flexible and able to respond to consumer’s requirements much faster. In the end, Lean management principles will let you create a stable (production) system with a higher chance of improving overall performance.



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