Asbestos Inventory & Training

It requires additional skills to safely handle Asbestos. We offer support throughout the entire process from Asbestos Survey and possible exposure investigation, developing a Building Management Plan, supervision and monitoring of removal operations until the final inspection after removal.


Asbestos is a generic name for a group of crystallized fibrous mineral substances. These natural fibers are still mined in large quantities and processed in construction materials. Nowadays, the use of asbestos in many Western countries is bound by rules or in many cases prohibited. For several decades, it is clear that inhalation of the Asbestos fibers can seriously damage your health. Asbestos fibers can be released from building materials that are damaged or in poor condition. These issues are a concern for the building owner, and in some cases, the superintendent. We can assist in obtaining clarity in the asbestos issue.
With clear advice we provide insight whether there is Asbestos present in your building or technical installation. Our report also indicates the condition and what risks it poses to the users or the public. The Asbestos Survey in some cases may be a first step. If Asbestos Containing Materials are present, additional measures may be recommended. Additional measures may include a supplementary risk analysis by taking dust and air samples or drawing up a building management plan.
Based on the Asbestos Survey report it may be advisable to secure Asbestos Containing Materials in short term by, for example the application of a coating or removal. For both options, we can advise and guide the client with a specific plan of approach. During the remediation or removal we supervise the works on behalf of the client. Finally, we provide a separate final check immediately at the end of the remediation operations by means of a comprehensive visual inspection, completed with an indoor air investigation in order to determine whether the location is safe for third parties.
Our Asbestos Management Services include:

  • Training and informing
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Asbestos Exposure Studies
  • Asbestos Risk Assessments
  • Asbestos Management Plans
  • Asbestos Remediation Plans
  • Asbestos Consultancy Services
  • Supervision and monitoring
  • Final Assessment after removal works



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