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Each organization goes through its own development. Therefore, no organization is the same, so that each organization also has its own challenges. bpo is deeply aware hereof. Before working procedures can be determined, bpo considers it important to first list the needs the organization has and to what degree there is a discrepancy between the current and the desired situation, and what the context of the question is compared to the bpo house. On that basis, working procedures can be determined. The purpose is to ultimately realize improvements in the organization together, complementary to other processes within the organization.

In order to determine the current situation with regard to a certain element and/or with regard to the entire house, bpo has developed a scan. This scan can be given substance independently, but also with support from bpo. The subsequent steps will be determined with the results of this scan.

Eventually, the process to be followed is translated into (part of) a management structure within which dynamic processes see to it that (parts of) the organization is always “in control”, now and in the future. This consequently means that “business as usual” is conducted optimally, but also that the control measures for the changes to be expected can be integrated simultaneously now and in the future. In other words:  safer, leaner and greener.

Safer: risks regarding assets, employees, visitors, and other stakeholders (clients) have been controlled

Leaner: processes have been optimized and controlled, so that resources are not wasted

Greener: innovative entrepreneurship regarding sustainable business practices


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